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My mission is to help people live healthier and feel better through better self care, fitness and nutrition. Ten years ago, as a full-time working mom in the outdoor industry, I loved my job but was challenged with work-life balance. After having children, I had extra weight around my middle, on my arms and hips, and had been creatively hiding it.  But I didn’t feel good about myself, and knew I had to change something.

I quit my full-time job, improved my eating and exercise habits, and lost over 18 pounds. Armed with new confidence and energy, I became a group fitness instructor. The results I saw in my clients inspired me to launch my own personal training business, FITPHORIA. I want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals so you too can feel better about yourself.

What I like about Jen is that is really cares about my personal and unique needs. She has a wealth of knowledge and can adapt each exercise to fit my own limitations and goals… if one exercise doesn’t work, she has 3 others ‘up her sleeve’ that will do the job!! Jen makes me feel comfortable with my own goals and doesn’t push her agenda on me. I have had other trainers that do and I end up with an injury. She takes the time to do a thorough assessment before we begin, which is so important. I would highly recommend Jen, she knows her stuff, is genuine and really cares! - Laurie R

Jennifer is a fitness confidant. She listened to my goals, noted my physical limitations, and recorded my fitness assessment stats to tailor a personalized exercise plan just for me. I can do the workout routines Jennifer teaches me at home, in my apartment gym or outside. With Jennifer’s positive encouragement, I’m making healthy changes and am feeling better already! - Eva B


Starting Block (month 1)

During the first 30 days I will work with you to correct muscle imbalances, improve flexibility, and increase stabilization and core strength. You’ll notice improvements in your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and strength as your body adapts. This is especially the case if you haven’t been exercising regularly. Your energy will improve during this time, but your body composition is not likely to significantly change in the first 30 days, because your body adapts neurologically first. Suggested program: 55-minute sessions, 2-3 times per week.

Bronze Level (months 2, 3)

With three months of training consistently with me, you’re likely to make significant improvements in your muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscle endurance. Although the gains might not be as rapid as in the first month, I will adjust your program regularly to avoid plateaus and help you to keep making progress. We will build on the stability and endurance you’ve developed by adding challenges to increase your strength and agility. You can expect your body composition to improve, provided you eat correctly and do the prescribed exercises during the training sessions and on your own. Suggested program: 25-minute sessions, 2-3 times per week, plus a 55-minute assessment each month to measure progress. 

Silver Level (months 4, 5, 6) 

In six months you can solidify good habits, including exercise discipline, personal responsibility, and balanced nutrition, resulting in overall well-being and an improved level of fitness and performance.  If you maintain your exercise regimen with me and on your own, you can expect your body composition and flexibility to keep improving. Suggested program: 25-minute sessions, 1-2 times per week, plus a 55-minute assessment each month to measure progress.

Gold Level (months 6-12)

As you make adaptations in muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular ability, I will advance your program so you can continue to achieve optimal fitness and stay on track.  Your exercise regimen will be more integrated with your activities of daily life as you apply your strength, flexibility and neuromuscular abilities to exercises demanding more functional speeds.  Suggested program: One 25-minute session per week, plus one 55-minute assessment per month.



Program Development – When you’re ready to exercise on your own, I will develop programs to continually challenge you and maintain or improve your level of fitness.  We will work together to identify your goals, and I will develop programs based on your needs and desires. The development of a custom workout takes thoughtful time and research, and is charged as a 55-minute session.

Check-Ins – Once you’re doing a regular fitness routine, you’ll occasionally want a brief visit to ensure you’re doing exercises correctly, measure your progress, and determine your ability to take on new challenges. Book a 25-minute or 55-minute session for this service.

Assessments – Included in my packages is a monthly assessment or re-assessment, which can be done within a session. This is a 55-minute session if working out on your own.

Consultations – Time to discuss progress and help you work through issues or exercises. Can be done by phone or in person, a 25-minute or 55-minute session.

Healthy Eating - is critical to your success in reaching fitness goals. Included when you work with me on your fitness plan, I will provide you tips on how to eat better. To jump start healthy habits, I recommend Arbonne’s 30-Days to Healthy Living program, and when you purchase the nutrition package through my Arbonne website, I will coach you through the program. Additional nutrition coaching is included in your fitness sessions, or can be booked separately.

Online Training - I offer an online training program that you can do at home, on vacation, or when you can’t meet with me. See my introductory program here. Depending on demand, I will continue to build out the online options. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing more online by contacting me below.


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